A timeless tale of good versus not so good.

About Dirty Pool:

Dirty Pool is a two minute 3d animation short film created by Brent Forrest in 2016. The short was inspired by the Charlotte Room in Toronto, Canada and all sound FX were selfrecorded with an iphone in a pool hall in Tokyo.

Other credits:

Malcolm Rig by
Music by Roberto Ignis
Pirate Logo c Richard Stevens,


Winner: Best Film,North Amierican Anim!arte Film Festival Brazil
Winner: Best Animated film, Mindfield Film Festival Los Angeles
Semi Finalist: Los Angeles Cinefest

News & Reviews:

The animation is flawless, well-directed and beyond professional, he creates the atmosphere of the hall that any avid pool player can relate to, the actions and attitudes of the players are also well researched, all of these elements show dedication to Forrest’s craft…

UK Film Review, Read the full review

The story is cute, clear and comical- our heroes go out to play some pool and it all goes frighteningly wrong. But where DIRTY POOL makes it mark is in its visuals. Shiny, bright, visually engaging and with a strong attention to detail, this is a film that will make you want to stop blinking.

Kierston Drier, Festival Reviews, Read the review

Bulbs break, cue sticks clatter, a fire extinguisher goes off, and a lone 8-ball hurls across the pool hall breaking the beer steins of a trio of (much) larger men., Read the article here
Everything was so round and shiny, and I just loved looking at it, it was like a big jar of candy… It was like eating dessert
Wildsound audience feedback

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